Why Do You Wander?

Session 11

Session 11

  • The party chases the slaver skyship, The Night Jewel, in a skyship owned by a house that owes Rüktiv favors
  • After several days they catch up with the ship and maneuver to attack
  • Krista shoots the jánah manning the wheel one after the other
  • Eeesekee makes an illusion of a huge Vürtach, which panics several of the sailors
  • The ship is boarded, and general fighting breaks out; eventually the slavers are all killed or captured
  • Mathur and his servant are released from the hold, along with other slaves
  • Arjuna gifts Krista with a pistol he took from the captain’s body
  • One of these slaves is Jaita, a poisonous bird, whom Eeesekee takes a fancy to; he was originally destined to be sold in Klinráh
  • Mathur admits that he did not get admitted to the university, and was afraid to tell his mother
  • When he tells Teena this upon his return, she goes very quiet and apologizes and then walks off

Story Points: 1



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