Why Do You Wander?

Session 15

Vikram in the Big House

  • Just after True Dawn, a squad of guards comes to House Vikpe to arrest the party
  • They find only Vikram, who insists on flying to the Magistrate’s palace under escort
  • Harthuk disguises himself so he can keep tabs on him, and offers to run errands
  • Vikram’s sister Makhleen comes to visit him where he is being held
  • Makhleen tells him about rumors she has heard about the Hardazi, specifically Jyoti
  • Eeesekee dreamwalks to Vikram’s chambers, which upsets Salamar, Vikram’s guard
  • Eeesekee dreamwalks back
  • On the way to the hearing, they are attacked by a bear (Jyoti’s bodyguard, the Silent) and two stoats
  • Already in a bad mood, Salamar, with a little help from Vikram, takes the bear alive
  • The judge dismisses all charges, and invites Vikram to dinner

Story Points: 1 for Harthuk, Eeesekee, Vikram



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