Why Do You Wander?

Session 17

Session 17

  • Upon reaching the skyship Devayani, Takisha and Tabudh are given the captain’s quarters
  • Arjuna is unconscious from the poison on the ocelot’s dagger, and he is put in the infirmary along with Kailua, Mathur, and Tushai
  • Kailua performs a healing ritual on Arjuna
  • “Harthuk” goes to a cabin, and after they have been in the air awhile he is revealed to be Ishaisa, whom Harthuk asked to take his place
  • Ishaisa used to be a skyship gunner, and is put to work there
  • While clearing vermin in the hold, Ganjan discovers a stowaway, the captain’s granddaughter
  • She is sent to stay with Tabudh and Takiza, who is suffering the effects of withdrawal
  • She asks Krista to teach her to shoot, and the captain promises to give Krista his mirror if he will not
  • They reach the jungle and drop anchor for the night
  • That night, everyone sings and tells stories, which attracts a pair of wild makdi
  • After some coaxing by Ganjan and Eesekee, one is convinced to stay — her name is Vi

Story Points: 1 (0 for Rizé, Harthuk, Vikram, Arjuna)



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