Why Do You Wander?

Session 18

On the Trail of a Demon (Part 1)

  • Vikram is once again called to the Magistrate’s palace in the early morning, this time in a professional capacity
  • Harthuk accompanies him disguised as a servant
  • There he meets Murali, a spider monkey mage, who says there is a demon loose in Tiari
  • Muralist offers him the use of his ritual room, and Vikram goes into the Dream to prepare
  • While there, he asks Gopa to fetch Eeesekeee, which she does, somewhat reluctantly
  • Eeesekee’s manner is changed — he is very focused; he easily recognizes Harthuk
  • While he waits for Vikram to come out of the dream, Eeesekee goes through Murali’s books on demons
  • A demon-possessed boar walked out of the Spiral Arena infirmary
  • The next night, demon killed the inhabitants of a tailor shop before leaving for an unknown location
  • Harthuk makes arrangements to talk to the Sadhu at the temple where the bodies are to be cremated

Story Points: 0



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