Why Do You Wander?

Session 22

In Search of Sisupal (Part 3)

  • Upon opening the doors to the palace, they find an entranceway with a pool and a statue spouting water, which Kailua immediately gets into
  • The garden is well-tended, and eventually the gardener makes an appearance; he has been tending the grounds here for many years
  • He tells them there is a spirit that lives here and that he has reached a sort of understanding with it
  • Kailua goes into the Dream to heal Krista and Arjuna; just before she leaves the spirit speaks to her
  • The spirit, who approves of Kailua because she is Sarpah and a Sir’hibas, tells her that she didn’t leave the king, he had her drugged and locked up until she starved to death
  • After her death she drove him mad, and because he didn’t take care of his people they revolted
  • The spirit advises them not to go into the basement of the towers, as something bad might happen to them, like it did the last person who was there
  • The party then explores the gardens and the throne room; they take rubbings of some of the inscriptions
  • In the evening the gardener prepares dinner for them, and a sleeping place
  • Krista discovers his powder horn is missing, and Ganjan sees Vi trying to hide something in a pile of rubble; she has collected several trinkets there including a small crystal statue of the gardener’s
  • Ganjan has her return the items, then gives her his dagger so she can have something of her own; he then goes aloft and they see the campfires of the tribesmen around the city
  • Arjuna sleeps on the throne that night and the spirit sends him terrible nightmares
  • Next morning, Kailua again talkes to the spirit, who admits that it would be nice to have her bones brought up to the garden
  • The spirit tells her there are three keys needed to unlock her prison; they were hidden somewhere by the king
  • Kailua is then able to contact Eeesekee, whom the spirit is also very taken by; she has great respect for the Klin

Story Points: 1 for Arjuna, Kailua, Ganjan, M’rina, Krista



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