Why Do You Wander?

Session 3

The Festival of Muhjíbh

Summary: During the weeks following the attempted assassination of Anavári, it is learned that the assassins belonged to House Pünim, but were evidently under orders from a mysterious jánah called “The Honored One”. Also, presumably because of his nephew’s interest in Anavári, the Isvar of Tishínia and his retinue announce that they will visit House Ayyram for the Festival of Mujíbh. After feverish preparations, the day of the festival arrives. A nervous Anavári asks Krista to be her escort. Vikram receives a visit from his parents. That evening, small blue candles are set afloat on the many garden pools to encourage Edü to rise again the next morning. The palace grounds are crowded with performers, colorful tents serving food and drink, and guests from many different Houses. After the fireworks, the royal guests arrive. They are escorted to the House’s Spiral Arena where various bouts are held for their entertainment, including one between Arjuna and Rizé. At the feast, Anavári and Viálu are seated together. The Isvar’s troupe of dancers, female mice and shrews paired with sturdier male monkeys, entertain the guests. After the feast the Isvar and Ayyram retire to a private room while the festivities continue. The Isvar leaves some time later, but Viálu stays for the bonfire-jumping, which is also very popular among the palace mice. In the morning, prayers are held, and then the customary gifts are exchanged. Great Aryah Ayrram rewards his entire household, including special gifts for those responsible for his daughter’s rescue. Kailua and Vikram each give gifts as well. As is also the custom, love letters are exchanged. Anavári receives one but will not show it to anyone.

Story Points: 1

The Great Aryah Ayrram bestowed the following gifts on his daughter’s saviors:

Arjuna — chitin armor, in House Sámtra’s colors1
Eeesekee — crystal singing bowl, filled with mangos by Anavári herself2
Ganjan — chitin armor, in House Ayrram’s colors1
Harthuk — set of well-made lockpicks3
Kailua — crystal singing bowl2
Krista — beautifully decorated matched set of powder flask and bullet case
Rizé — well-made crystal sword3
Vikram — set of Kiráh crystals2

Kailua gave everyone a small package of herbs for soothing minor hurts, while Vikram handed out bound copies of the laws of Tishínia.

1 +1 increase to Armor

2 +1 die to initial Magical Ritual roll

3 +1 die to apropriate skill



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