Why Do You Wander?

Session 6

The Sand Vatha Inn

Summary: After a brief ceremony for the dead guards, the company continues its journey to Tiari. They travel along the coast for most of the day, and in the late afternoon end up at The Sand Vatha Inn, a well-known establishment about a half-day’s ride to Tiari. They are greeted by the proprietor Saheen, a yellow-billed kite from Amnol, and arrangements are made to stay for the night. At a sumptuous dinner that evening, Naímur becomes embroiled in a heated discussion about religion with Bínih, a Disciple of Kiráh. He suffers what appears to be a stroke, and is moved to a private room with Kailua and the resident doctor Piangh in attendance. Arjuna suspects foul play, and makes a scene, but is eventually calmed. Kailua, Vikram, and Eeesekee go into the Dream Realm to speak to Naímur’s spirit. After learning what has happened to him, Naímur says that he is ready to dance at the Edge of Heaven, if that is what must be. With Eeesekee’s help, he sends a vision to Arjuna, telling him he releases him from his duties as bodyguard, and asking him to bring the crystal bowl safely to the temple of Krilárah. Before the sir’hibasi leave, the little spirit that Vikram had summoned once before appears and settles itself at Naímur’s feet. Later that evening, Arjuna, Ganjan, and Rizé get drunk in the common room. Arjuna falls asleep at the table with the box with the sacred bowl, and the others leave him there. In the middle of the night, an assassin wakes him, saying “Maher sends his regards.” Although still drunk, Arjuna rips out his throat, then falls asleep again. Harthuk and the mice clean up the mess. The next morning, Arjuna asks where the assassin’s dagger is, as he wants to send a message to his brother. Harthuk refuses to tell him, and tense words are exchanged; Arjuna also manages to offend Kadis, Sarjanta of the guards from House Ayrram.

Story Points: 1



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