Stocky, thick necked wolverine with a white face and mottled white patches of fur on his throat. Wears spectacles.


Arjuna is a lieutenant in the Household Cavalry (foot) of House Sámtra.

Arjuna is a broad shouldered Hardazi barbarian, essentially a Wolverine brawler who has stalked the Spiral Arena in a few places. He is seen (when off duty)in some startlingly alien looking crystalline arm rings, a broad collar necklace of various hues and even some spiral finger rings which have tiny serpentine characters and glyphs in Hardazi on them. He favors plain black kilts and sleeveless tunics, the heat bothers him a bit.

His thick fur ranges in color from a chocolate brown near the deep pleat running down his back to a cinnamon color on his arms and legs, with piebald facial fur around his pale golden eyes and blunt muzzle. His hands, muzzle and feet are black. He is young, his incisors are still sharp.

Arjuna also has a doubled long narrow spiral burn scars on both his forearms from elbow to down to his chunky wrists, which have been further tattooed with small dark blue and deep red Hardazi characters. He tends to stare a bit too directly when spoken to and seems to have difficulty speaking Tashinian clearly, his accent is… horrible. He tends to be blunt, but whether this is because of a limited vocabulary or heat rash is not known.

He can often be found in the riding suthra stables on his free days, talking with the Master of Suthra, working with the riding beasts or perhaps wandering aimlessly through the nearby bazaars, just looking at all the weird things for sale.

He doesn’t talk much, and, it is said by other troopers, Arjuna is somewhat distant or shy. He is has not been with the house for a long time.

He has some odd connection to the Aryah Sámtra, which he doesn’t talk about.


Strength 6 Dexterity 6 Wit 3
Vigor 6 Essence 1 Will 6
Agility 6 Perception 6 Presence 6


Body Armor (Hide) (Level 1) Keen Hearing (Perception) 1
Natural Weaponry (Agility) (Bite or Claw) 1 Night Vision (Perception) 1
Tracking Scent (Perception) 1
Immunity (Cold) n/a (max 3) 1 Fast reflexes (Agility) 1
Immunity (Paralytic Venom) 1 Heightened Awareness (Perception) 1
Fearless (Will) 1 Toughness (n/a) 1
Combat Instinct (n/a) 1

Toughness (N/A): Stamina = 3x(Vig + Will): 36


High Caste (Sunborn)
Contact (Mercenary Guild; Great)
Short Tempered (Personality) -2
Brusque (Personality) -2
Poor Eyesight (Impairment) -1
Enemy (Powerful/Rare; Hardazi clan siblings) -7

SKILLS (italics means free skill)

Brawling (Agility) 3 Martial Arts (Agility) Hardazi- Tuali-Karz’ai 6
Climbing (Agility) 3 Missile Combat (Dexterity) 6
Concealment (Perception) 3 Oratory (Presence) 6
Evade (Agility) 6 Persuasion (Wit) 2
Intimidation (Presence) 6 Profession (Military Officer) (N/A) 6
Intrigue (Wit) 3 Riding: Land/2 (Agility) 7
Knowledge (Home City: Telatah) (Wit) 2 Shadowing (Wit) 2
Knowledge (Military Lore) (Wit) 3 Stealth (Agility) 6
Language (Hardazi) (Wit) 2 Throw (Dexterity) 3
Language (Tishínian) (Wit) 3

(164 pts 1/13/13)



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