Field Mouse Assisstant


Beats Antique – Revival


Strength 3 Dexterity 6 Wit 6
Vigor 2 Essence 1 Will 4
Agility 6 Perception 6 Presence 4


Gnawing Teeth (Strength)
Great Leap (Strength)
Hibernation (Vigor)
Night Vision (Perception)
Wide Peripheral Vision (Perception)
Heightened Awareness (Perception)
Fast Reflexes (Agility)
Immunity (Poisons / Rank 1 Necrotic)


High Caste (Sunborn)
Compulsive Shyness
Contacts, Mice Systema (Significant, level 4)
Whisper Tongue of the Mice

SKILLS (in progress, changes pending. italics means free skill)

Acrobatics (Agility) 6 Language (Tishinian) (Wit) 3
Acting (Presence) 5 Language (Guild Whisper Tongue) (Wit) 6
Alchemy (Poisons) (Wit) 6 Language (Systema Whisper Tongue) (Wit) 6
Brawling (Agility) 3 Lock Picking (Dexterity) 6
Climbing (Agility) 6 Martial Arts (Mushyavadivu Kon) (Agility) 6
Concealment (Perception) 6 Observation (Perception) 6
Disguise (Wit) 6 Persuasion (Wit) 3
Dress Wound (Wit) 6 Profession (Assassin) (Wit) 6
Evade (Agility) 6 Shadowing (Wit) 6
Interrogation (Presence) 4 Stealth (Agility) 6
Intrigue (Wit) 6 Streetwise (Presence) 4
Knowledge (Sadahm) (Wit) 3 Throw (Dexterity) 6
Knowledge (Architechture) (Wit) 6
Knowledge (Poisons) (Wit) 6
Knowledge (Jenu Lore) (Wit) 6
Knowledge (World Cultures) (Wit) 6


Throwing Disks
Sling Shot
Leather Armor
Tool of the Profession (highly concealed)
Makeup kit with various dyes and prosthetics

Ornamental Dagger (gift)
Artisanal “Tools” which add 2 dice (gift)
Musk, very potent (gift)

(2 story points in reserve as of 11-03-13)

Revealed aliases/disguises:

  1. An un-named Magáran spider monkey with a slight Mugambian accent occasionally seen begging outside of the Temple of Krilárah.
  2. Dutvik – A grey squirrel, servant of House Vikpe assigned to Vikram the Impossible.
  3. Kalyani – An small clawed asian otter, Honor Guard Escort and Javelineer reporting to Inakali of House Vikpe.

Assisstant to the mystics of House Ayrram. Harthuk (HAH-rrr-thook) is unassuming and eager to help with almost any task. He often goes unnoticed, but doesn’t seem to mind.

Most of the time shy and private, typical for a mouse.

(The following excerpt from the Scrolls of Jenu Cultures and Etiquette by Ullesh bin Sahal)

Quiet and unassuming, mice Zoics live throughout the southeast and central regions of the world, taking on any task that allows them to keep a low profile. The limelight is not for mice, who general prefer to be the “cog in the wheel,” scurrying along in their daily lives, perfectly content with their station. While having a diffident nature, mice are unmatched in their resourcefulness, tenaciously attacking any task at hand with gusto and ingenuity. Dependable and sure, they can be trusted to do their best at any undertaking that is asked of them.

Muhjbh op
(Muhjíbh – God of luck, the Messenger of the Gods, the Trickster, the Laughing God who usually appears as a monkey or a rodent and will always be shown dancing on his left foot and holding his tail in his right hand.)

Mice are often shy and deferential, but on this day of renewal their pride in their caste and station in life often makes them bold during the Festival of Muhjíbh. Mice will be the first to leap over the festival bonfires, often jumping over in groups of 3 or more at once while each holding the other’s tail after performing a short (and sometimes comically self-effacing) dance.


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