Master Torturer for House Ayrram, female crocodile


As the Master Torturer for House Ayyram, Nyárrah is looked on with unease and at times outright dislike. She is very good at her job, possessing unusual dexterity for one of her kind, and she has been know to disdain using restraints, relying instead on her great strength and intimidating presence to extract the information she needs.

Although no one except the Great Aryah Ayyram himself and perhaps one or two trusted advisors knows why Nyárrah has settled in House Ayyram, it is obvious that she has adopted it as her clan. She is fond of children, and always carries sweets for them. She often eats these herself to freshen her breath, as her preferred food is rotten meat. A special area of the grounds is set aside for the storage and preparation of her meals.

The Honor Guards especially do not like her, but those who spread malicious rumors about her have been firmly rebuked and, in at least one case, dismissed from the House.


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