Vikram the Impossible

Black colored paksin, red patches around his black eyes. Vikram is a summoner sir-hibas.



Strength 2 Dexterity 4 Wit 6
Vigor 2 Essence 6 Will 6
Agility 4 Perception 5 Presence 7


Flight (Level 2)
Wide Peripheral Vision-1 (Perception)
Natural Weaponry (Beak)-1 (Agility)
Natural Mimic-1 (Perception)
Mystic-4 (Essence)
Speed Reading (n/a)
Eidetic Memory (Wit)


Obsessively Curious -3
Crippled Left Foot (misshapened, limps)

SKILLS (italics means free skill)

Brawling (Agility) 2 Language (Tishínian) (Wit) 3
Climbing (Agility) 2 Magical Ritual/3 (Summoning) (Essence) 8
Concealment (Perception) 3 Martial Arts (Seven Aspected Fan of Lokaynu (Amber Sash)) (Agility) 4
Etiquette (Presence) 7 Persuasion (Wit) 3
Evade (Agility) 2 Profession (Sorcerer) (Wit) 6
Knowledge (Home City: Telatah) (Wit) 3 Research (Demons) (Wit) 6
Knowledge (Ancient History) (Wit) 6 Shadowing (Wit) 3
Knowledge (World Culures) (Wit) 6 Stealth (Agility) 2
Knowledge (Divination) (Wit) 6 Suthra Use/2 (Will) 7
Knowledge (Law) (Wit) 6 Throw (Dexterity) 2
Knowledge (Legends) (Wit) 6
Knowledge (Lineage) (Wit) 6
Knowledge (Magic Theory) (Wit) 6
Knowledge (Mathematics) (Wit) 6
Knowledge (Suthra Lore) (Wit) 6

Summoning – 8

-0 Initiating a Ritual by entering a Calling Trance
-1 Entering the Dream
-2 Defending in Dream;Commanding a Summoned entity: Perceiving through a SE: Dismissing a Suthra
-3 Attacking in the Dream; Summoning a Demon/Spirit/Elemental or Suthra to bear burdens/scout/spy/track
-4 Subjugating S/D/E; Banishing S/D/E; Summoning Suthra to att/def
-5 or higher Making a permanent Servant 0f S/D/E; Summoning a Suthra for sacrifice/permanent Companion

Spiritual Servant – Gopa
Crystal bowl (+1 to trance roll)

(165 pts as of 1/13/13)


Vikram comes from a long line of holy law speakers in service to XXXXXX, his family has a strong and loyal reputation of service to the House, with a few irregularities here and there but who doesn’t? As a youngling, Vikram was expected to follow in the footsteps of his many siblings and emerge from his schooling as a lawspeaker but for the horrifying discovery (to his mother) that he had talents in other realms than law.

After receiving his instructions to train as a Sir’hibas, Vikram moved into his private tutor’s house and began to study Sir’hibas philosophy, theory and applications. Vikram’s stubbornness began in his early years. Aneesha, his tutor, reported a very obedient and questioning paksin, although slow in being persuaded of things and sometimes very difficult to retrain.

Vikram began to live in a very modest way, as his great-grandfather Ravinder the Seer had famously done. Vikram, like him, subjected himself to violent exercise, and learned to endure cold and rain with a minimum of clothes. He ate only what was necessary and drank the cheapest wine on the market. This was entirely for philosophical reasons; his stipend would have permitted him to live comfortably. He remained in a private life of study for a long time, rarely seen in public.

Vikram firmly believes in the application of laws and a scrupulous approach to all things, with logic and stoicism being important tenets of belief, even in the practice of Summoning. Vikram dresses simply and in a utilitarian fashion, only owning the items he absolutely needs to practice his craft. He lives simply and frugally and donates any profits to public works that benefit citizens according to his will. As a Sir’hibas, he imposes his will upon the chaotic and often vague forms that roam the Dream Realms, in service to his house.

Vikram the Impossible

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