Why Do You Wander?

Session 20

On the Trail of a Demon (Part 2)

Story Points: 2 for Harthuk, Vikram, Eeesekee

Session 19

In Search of Sisupal (Part 1)

  • They make plans to meet the skyship in a week’s time, and Rakesh and Keta are sent with them
  • Vi, the makdi, carries the non-flyers from the skyship to a clearing in the jungle
  • They spend several hours exploring before coming across the remains of a road
  • After following this, they come to a river, across which is the city
  • Kailua bathes in the water and finds a shiny rock for Krista
  • Once in the city they follow streets choked with debris and vegetation
  • Krista and Rakesh suddevly have visions of an angry mob coming to kill them
  • After some confusion, the others realize that there are two Khaujivah (angry spirits) nearby
  • They battle the Khaujivah, and Krista is seriously injured
  • Afterwards they take shelter in a building that appears to have once been a restaurant
  • They discover M’rina hiding in the shop, naked and cold, after having escaped the local tribesmen

Story Points: 0

Session 18

On the Trail of a Demon (Part 1)

  • Vikram is once again called to the Magistrate’s palace in the early morning, this time in a professional capacity
  • Harthuk accompanies him disguised as a servant
  • There he meets Murali, a spider monkey mage, who says there is a demon loose in Tiari
  • Muralist offers him the use of his ritual room, and Vikram goes into the Dream to prepare
  • While there, he asks Gopa to fetch Eeesekeee, which she does, somewhat reluctantly
  • Eeesekee’s manner is changed — he is very focused; he easily recognizes Harthuk
  • While he waits for Vikram to come out of the dream, Eeesekee goes through Murali’s books on demons
  • A demon-possessed boar walked out of the Spiral Arena infirmary
  • The next night, demon killed the inhabitants of a tailor shop before leaving for an unknown location
  • Harthuk makes arrangements to talk to the Sadhu at the temple where the bodies are to be cremated

Story Points: 0

Session 17

Session 17

  • Upon reaching the skyship Devayani, Takisha and Tabudh are given the captain’s quarters
  • Arjuna is unconscious from the poison on the ocelot’s dagger, and he is put in the infirmary along with Kailua, Mathur, and Tushai
  • Kailua performs a healing ritual on Arjuna
  • “Harthuk” goes to a cabin, and after they have been in the air awhile he is revealed to be Ishaisa, whom Harthuk asked to take his place
  • Ishaisa used to be a skyship gunner, and is put to work there
  • While clearing vermin in the hold, Ganjan discovers a stowaway, the captain’s granddaughter
  • She is sent to stay with Tabudh and Takiza, who is suffering the effects of withdrawal
  • She asks Krista to teach her to shoot, and the captain promises to give Krista his mirror if he will not
  • They reach the jungle and drop anchor for the night
  • That night, everyone sings and tells stories, which attracts a pair of wild makdi
  • After some coaxing by Ganjan and Eesekee, one is convinced to stay — her name is Vi

Story Points: 1 (0 for Rizé, Harthuk, Vikram, Arjuna)

Session 16

To the Ship!

  • As the party makes its way through the streets of the city toward the skyship, they are stopped by a large group of jánah lead by an ocelot
  • Several of the group have a certain smell on them, which is eventually identified as opium
  • A pitched battle breaks out; Krista attempts to get Takíza to leave but she refuses
  • Krista shoots several of the equine combatants
  • Rizé defends Kailua
  • Ganjan takes down the snake that attacked from the rear
  • Arjuna, with some help, eventually takes down the rhino
  • Eeesekee attempts to escape with Tábudh on his back and Jaitra flying beside him, but one of the combatants, an owl, follows
  • Eeesekee circles back and Krista was able to shoot down the owl
  • The ocelot is the last left standing; he attempts to escape but Arjuna attacks him
  • Before he is killed, the ocelot stabs Arjuna; the dagger is poisoned and Arjuna is significantly hurt and has to be carried to the ship

Story Points: 1 (0 for Rizé, Vikram)

Session 15

Vikram in the Big House

  • Just after True Dawn, a squad of guards comes to House Vikpe to arrest the party
  • They find only Vikram, who insists on flying to the Magistrate’s palace under escort
  • Harthuk disguises himself so he can keep tabs on him, and offers to run errands
  • Vikram’s sister Makhleen comes to visit him where he is being held
  • Makhleen tells him about rumors she has heard about the Hardazi, specifically Jyoti
  • Eeesekee dreamwalks to Vikram’s chambers, which upsets Salamar, Vikram’s guard
  • Eeesekee dreamwalks back
  • On the way to the hearing, they are attacked by a bear (Jyoti’s bodyguard, the Silent) and two stoats
  • Already in a bad mood, Salamar, with a little help from Vikram, takes the bear alive
  • The judge dismisses all charges, and invites Vikram to dinner

Story Points: 1 for Harthuk, Eeesekee, Vikram

Session 14

Hello, Goodbye

Summary: Rüktiv and Krista duel in the Spiral Arena. Neither are strong fighters, but Rüktiv, maddened by Krista’s insults, is thoroughly beaten and carried away. Trahmsi formally hands Takíza over to Krista. Rüktiv reappears and draws a pistol on Krista which Krista shoots out of his hand. Rüktiv is dragged away again, much more roughly this time. The Arena, now in chaos, is cleared so that it can be purified. Tábudh is then retrieved from the brothel called the House of Blown Crystal Reeds. Once back at House Víkpe, Arjuna and Rizé ask Harthuk to disguise them, as they anticipate repercussions after their altercation with Rüktiv’s champion. Harthuk disguises Arjuna as a sloth bear, and Rizé as a bobcat. He introduces them to everyone as pilgrims who have taken a vow of silence. Meanwhile, the sir’hibasi, escorted by Ganjan, visit the scholar Sandeep and pick up the original Sarpah map and Sandeep’s translation. Sandeep asks them to make copies of any writings they may find in the city, supplying them with materials for that purpose. That evening everyone attends Naímur’s funeral at the Temple of Krilárah. Kailua leads the ceremony, and Vikram says a few words in his memory. Afterwards, Kailua calls a meeting, where it is decided that they will all go to explore the Sarpah city. After midnight, Harthuk (disguised as a spider monkey) sits with other beggars outside the Temple of Krilárah. He sees a robed figure speak to a crippled mouse, who hurries off, ending up at the kitchen door of House Víkpe. Harthuk, sans disguise, catches up with her inside. She tells him that a blue-skinned frog left a spiral pastry and a blue bead in her bowl, and told her to come here. While he is pondering this, Inakáli, head of security, comes in. He asks Harthuk to keep him better informed, as he has the reputation of his House to consider. He also asks him to take the two “pilgrims” with him to his rendezvous with Trahmsi. Arjuna, Rizé, and Harthuk go to Sarpah’s Choice. Although it is only 3 am, Sri, her husband Vaayu, and a young lizard are preparing for the morning rush in an atmosphere of heat and controlled chaos. Sri shoos them to a table. In about ten minutes a tired-looking Trahmsi appears. She tells them they all have to get out of town, or else be arrested after morning prayers. Rüktiv, angry at being crossed, has set events in motion, and it is possible Jyoti, Arjuna’s brother, is involved as well. She advises them to set out for the ruined Sarpah city in a skyship, which will be provided courtesy of Teénna and Mosar. The guards from House Ayrram will return to Sadahm on foot with Naimur’s remains, which may distract pursuers. Trahmsi then hurries off, and Sri sends them on their way with a huge bag of baked goods. Back at House Víkpe, they rouse the rest of the group and quickly prepare to depart. When the situation is explained to Vikram, he refuses to go, convinced that justice will prevail. Everyone else heads for the docks.

Story Points: 1

Session 13

Dinner and Dying

Summary: The party receives an invitation to House Mosár for dinner, which all accept save for Ganjan and Harthuk. This dinner is a much more congenial affair than the last one, with Mosár and Teénna both grateful for the party’s help in rescuing their son, Mathur. Mathur himself is both courteous and eager to speak with Kailua about what he should do next. Rúktiv, who was also invited, is reported to be unwell, but sends a message through Trahmsi that the use of the private skyship to catch the slavers should be considered a gift to House Mosár from an old friend. The next morning the Temple of Krilárah sends word that Naímur, the elderly owl priest, is dying. Kailua, Eeesekee, and Vikram attempt to speak with his spirit in the Dream, but Kailua is unable to focus enough to succeed. Naímur says his farewells to Vikram and Eeesekee, and asks that someone watch over Gopa, the little spirit that has been his companion since his stroke. Vikram accepts the responsibility, and after Naímur has gone to dance at the Edge of Heaven, he performs a binding ritual on her. In doing so, he discovers that she is the spirit of a baby girl who drowned along with her mother when they both fell into a river. As it is a Holy Day, the funeral of Naímur is arranged for that evening.

Story Points: 1

Session 12

Session 12

Story Points: 1 for Rizé, Eeesekee, Kailua, Vikram

Session 11

Session 11

  • The party chases the slaver skyship, The Night Jewel, in a skyship owned by a house that owes Rüktiv favors
  • After several days they catch up with the ship and maneuver to attack
  • Krista shoots the jánah manning the wheel one after the other
  • Eeesekee makes an illusion of a huge Vürtach, which panics several of the sailors
  • The ship is boarded, and general fighting breaks out; eventually the slavers are all killed or captured
  • Mathur and his servant are released from the hold, along with other slaves
  • Arjuna gifts Krista with a pistol he took from the captain’s body
  • One of these slaves is Jaita, a poisonous bird, whom Eeesekee takes a fancy to; he was originally destined to be sold in Klinráh
  • Mathur admits that he did not get admitted to the university, and was afraid to tell his mother
  • When he tells Teena this upon his return, she goes very quiet and apologizes and then walks off

Story Points: 1


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