Why Do You Wander?

Session 1

The Accursed Well (Part 1)

Summary: Eeesekeee and his bodyguards Arjuna and Rizé arrive in Sadahm on the Feast of Mürtyu with an urgent message for House Ayrram. They are introduced to the Great Aryah and others of his household — his son Marüh, Krista, Kailua, Harthuk, Ganjan, and Vikram. Eeesekeee relates a vision of the Aryah’s daughter Anavári being attacked and killed by black and white suthra. Nutmál of House Arhidásah tells them of a conversation overheard recently in a public bathhouse, which suggests Anavári will be killed because of her budding relationship with the Isvar’s nephew Viálu. Marüh urges that Anavári’s participation in the night’s festivities be cancelled, but his father says she must visit the silk dyers, who are expecting her blessing. Several of their children have recently drowned mysteriously in an old stepwell. The sir’hibasi hold a quick Dreamwalking ritual, where they see the stepwell from long ago, and the assassination there of the lord’s daughter, a white tigress. Afterwards, as they take a skyship to the edge of the city, Nutmál speculates that those attempting to assassinate Anavári are from the Line of Yádruh. When they arrive the silk dyers lead them to the stepwell, where a mosaic shows a white tigress playing the sitar. Eeesekeee and Vikram remain at the top to enter the Dream while the rest descend, with Anavári in the lead. At the bottom, she asks the spirits to bless the well and the silk dyers. As she floats three candles on the water, a terrible shrieking is heard, and at the top of the stepwell appear several figures with glowing blue eyes. Ganjan sees something large and black loom out of the water and pull Anavári under. He immediately dives in after her.

Story Points: 0


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