Tag: Sisyáh


  • Great Aryah Ayrram

    Great Aryah Ayrram, a jackal in his early 50's, is the head of the Line of Sisyáh as well as the House of Ayrram. His palace is located in the Nobles Circle of Sadahm, capital of Tishínia, and he lives there with his extensive household and his two …

  • Ganjan

    !(media-item-align-left)http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/109300/ganjan-md.jpg(Ganjan md)!Sworn to protect the House of Ayrram in Sadahm. Ganjan (GAHN-jahn) has been a trusted member of the honor guard since the day he was able to lift a spear. …

  • Harthuk

    Assisstant to the mystics of House Ayrram. Harthuk (HAH-rrr-thook) is unassuming and eager to help with almost any task. He often goes unnoticed, but doesn't seem to mind. Most of the time shy and private, typical for a mouse. h5. _(The following …

  • Diválu

    Diválu is the Master of the Honor Guards of House Ayrram, as well as being Great Aryah Ayrram's own personal bodyguard. He is a muscular bighorn in his mid-30's, with a dry wit and a tendency to be a bit blunt in his speech.

  • Vikram the Impossible

    Vikram comes from a long line of holy law speakers in service to XXXXXX, his family has a strong and loyal reputation of service to the House, with a few irregularities here and there but who doesn't? As a youngling, Vikram was expected to follow in the …

  • Nyárrah

    As the Master Torturer for House Ayyram, Nyárrah is looked on with unease and at times outright dislike. She is very good at her job, possessing unusual dexterity for one of her kind, and she has been know to disdain using restraints, relying instead on …

  • Naímur

    Naímur, a male great-horned owl, is an elderly priest in the House of Ayrram. Although he is a devoted follower of the Devah, his weaknesses for wine and pipe smoking are well-known in the House, and are politely ignored. He is given to good-natured …

  • Kadis

    Kadis is an officer in House Ayrram. A powerfully-built falcon in his late 20's, he knows his job well and is often trusted with missions of some importance.

  • Kailua 'ea Honu

    Trained in herbalism and medicine at the Academy of Nilám, also studied the arts of mystic healing before returning to serve Ayrram's House.