Tishínia is a trading isvarate, sometimes called the Jewel of Dárdünah. This peaceful and prosperous nation is home to Zoics of all types, making it a cultural melting pot. It is ideal for trade, as it borders both the Sea of Vigára and the Gulf of Bhütai, and enjoys favorable trade winds. Tishínian is spoken by more people across Dárdünah than any other language, and is the trade language for many countries.

Lines and Houses of Tishínia


The capital city, large and sprawling and a center of world trade. Kélentos VI, of the Line of Varám, is the current Isvar and makes his home here.



Also called the City of Blue Roofs. The current Magistrate is Ullik of the Line of Maharashtrian.


Home to the Tower of the False Dawn.


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