Whisper Tongue of the Mice

Whisper Tongue of the Mice

Systema code copy 3
Based on the phases of the moons and suns as they orbit Dardunah the mice have developed their representations into a script to be used secretly and covertly amongst themselves.

Characters require a minimum 2 of the 3 main orbital bodies since you need the size comparison to differentiate a large sun vs the smaller sun and the moon dot. Additionally, rotation doesn’t matter, so a “half-moon orbit” can be written on any side of the letter. This allows for a flowing handwritten script as well as the convenience of being able to write in any direction, left-right, up-down, or even circular. (Because of this non-mice tend to assume from the different rotations that there are more letters than are actually present.)

The mice employ merely 14 letters/characters, only one of which is a “vowel”, with each letter also its own singular message. A few special indicators from the lesser orbits are used, not as punctuation, but to emphasize attention needed in the interpretation of the characters that follow and sometimes as directional indicators.

  • A single dot (a dash when typed) at the beginning, known as the “silent M” represents a proper name.
  • A single small moon (a lower case o) preceding indicates the numerical value of the character is to be used.
  • In rare cases a double dot (a colon or equal sign) preceding a letter may indicate the long form of a soft vowel or soft consonant.
  • Four dots (colon on both sides) surrounding a single character indicates :code meaning:

Since rotation doesn’t matter, when typed on a keyboard we can use upper and lowercase C and O, a dash for the center dot, and we only need to use a closed parenthesis for the two characters that need it. Combinations of these symbols are written in order from uppercase to lowercase and the character are formed as follows.
M r th k code2
c- / o- / Co / Oc / Co-
Oo / C- / c-) / c)
Cc / Cc- / Oc- / O- / Oo-

As a naming example, Harthuk would be m’RThK and could be written as seen in the illustration to the right which also shows a character surrounded by 4 dots indicating a short code message.

Counted similar to Roman numerals five(“a handful”)+two would indicate 7 (seven) as oCo-o-, yet three-thrice indicate 9 (nine) as oCoOo and 50 (fifty) would be one-hundred-halved as oc-Cc-c) and the current Shard year of 1007 would be oc-Oc-Co-o-

Values and Phonemes follow:

One / c- / K or hard C, hard G (long H)
(c- is a directional indicator, the dot pointing the way)
Two / o- / T, D
(“one bound” in obligation, a non-mouse ally)
Three / Co / P, B
(“treasure held” often secret info)
Four / Oc / Ch, J or soft G
(“treasure binds” blackmail or dangerous secret)
Five / Co- / M
(a “handful”, also the “wary eye”, used to indicate Systema)
Twice / Oo / Th
(“many bound”, cached resources supplied by the many)
Thrice / C- / F, V
(“treasure lost” secret or ally compromised)
Halved / c) / S or soft C, Z
(“the arms of an Aunt” Safe house/ Mouse hole /Escape route)
Quartered / c-) / Sh, Zh
(“the frown of an Uncle” Compromised safe house /Abort mission)
Tens / Cc / N
(“Help” or “Rescue” sometimes followed or preceded by a name)
Hundreds / Cc- / R, L, A
(“Freedom” a captive released or mission accomplished)
Thousands / Oc- / W, U, O
(“fully awake/surprises” good or bad depending on situation)
None/Zero / O- / Y, I
(“one sacrificed for the many” usually means the agent stays behind while others escape)
All / Oo- / long E (ee)
(“Other” or “Danger!” followed by None means “Exodus: All or nothing.”)

Whisper Tongue of the Mice

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