Why Do You Wander?

Session 7

The City of Blue Roofs (Part 1)

Summary: Naímur is made comfortable on a palanquin, and they make their way to Tiari. Upon entering the city, Eeesekeee is distracted by the sights and sounds of a gambling den, and goes in to observe. Harthuk follows him. After being asked to leave because he has no money, Eeesekeee and Harthuk sit down at a teahouse on the other side of the street. Harthuk has a coded exchange with another mouse, which Eeesekee remarks on. Everyone else arrives at the temple of Krilárah, where they are greeted and given a place to change into robes for the ceremony. As Naímur is indisposed, Kailua takes over his duties with Vikram assisting her. She is able to complete the presentation of the bowl with only a few hiccups. Afterwards everyone has their fortunes told by the temple mángai. Arriving at House Víkpe, Eeesekeee enters the Dream realm to speak with Naímur. Naímur says he is content to wait there with Vikram’s summoned spirit, which he has named Gopa, until his time has come. When the rest arrive, all are introduced to Víkpe, an elegant reticulated giraffe, known for her beauty, poise, and parties. Afterwards Arjuna questions the House majordomo about any Hardazi currently in the city. Later that evening, a party is held in their honor, where they meet Rüktiv, a camel who has had dealings with Krista in the past. He and his three wives seem very well informed about the group as well as goings-on in Tiari, and everyone except the three sir’hibasi make arrangements to visit Rüktiv’s home the next day so they can speak to him in more private surroundings about the map they found. Rüktiv’s second wife Trahmsi, a poison dart frog, seems especially taken by first Rizé and then Arjuna, whom she very slightly poisons when she touches him on the nose.

Story Points: 1



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