Courtesies in the Whisper Tongue

Courtesies in the Whisper Tongue

During the first day of the party’s arrival in Tiari, later in the evening during a dinner party at the house of their host, the reticulated giraffe Lady Víkpe.

Harthuk the mouse listens to different bits of polite conversation as he moves through the different groups of people while drinking samples from a small tasting glass. Rüktiv the camel waves him over and makes an introduction of his wife, Trahmsi, a poison dart frog.

Trahmsi: Ah, Harthuk, we’ve heard about you.
(Touching 3 fingers in Trishula Hasta position to the center of her neckline just above the collar bone:)
(“You’ve been recognized and we’re prepared for you.")

Harthuk: My Lady, you do me too much honor.
(Runs an index finger in Suchi position from his right eye halfway down the bridge of his nose and scratches twice in that spot:)
(“I understand and respect your position. You have the advantage.”)

Trahmsi: Oh, I don’t know about that.
(A smile, batting her eyelashes twice, and a forward tilt of the head as she adjusts the left corner of her veil with 2-fingers in Ardhapataka:)
(“Target none in my house and there will be no retribution.”)

Harthuk: Well, I try to be discrete.
(Right hand scratches left shoulder with the index and ring finger tucked in for Shukatunda as he tilts his head to the left:)
(“Likewise for those of House Ayrram. Others I might not miss.”)

Bana hasta
Trahmsi: Oh really?
(Turns her wine cup halfway around as she passes it from her right hand to her left, curling her hand around the stem of the cup with the pinky pointing out in Bana Hasta position:)
(“My sympathies. Maybe we could make a deal.”)

Harthuk: I do what I can to serve my House.
(Harthuk catches a servant as he is passing by and commandeers the pitcher of chilled wine.)
May I?
(Takes the pitcher from the servant, holding his thumb outward along the edge of the handle in Shikhara position as he pours a refill into her cup, but only enough to ensure she’ll need another refill soon, then pours a sample into his own tasting glass:)
(“We’ll start small. This should be a trade in favors if it comes to anything.”)

Trahmsi: Please do.
(Raises her cup with her pinky still out and waits for Harthuk to drink first, curling it in to the Mushthi position after she takes a sip of her own and nods:)
(“We have an agreement of trust and can negotiate.”)

Harthuk: (Pours a full serving into her husband Rüktiv’s crystal goblet before returning the pitcher to the servant.)
It’s been a pleasure to meet you both. Uh, if you’ll excuse me?Chatura
(Small bow to Rüktiv with his left hand palm up in the Pataka position, and folding his thumb over his palm into the Chatura position when he bows to Trahmsi:)
(“The husband is powerful, but the wife is clever.”)

Trahmsi: But of course! We’ll talk later I’m sure.
(She bows while raising her right hand with all fingertips together in an upward Mukula position:)
(“This is the beginning of a fruitful alliance.”)

Courtesies in the Whisper Tongue

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