ONIT - Prologue


Naímur Danced. The whole of creation was laid out before him, an inconceivably vast web that connected all things and hung suspended in an even vaster darkness. In the center of this web dwelt Mahiámbah and Mahitáytah, the Great Mother and Father, and their love and wisdom poured outwards in a great golden spiral. This shining spiral was the backbone of the web, whose multi-colored strands crossed and recrossed in infinite complexity. Each delicate strand represented a life, a small piece of Atman, the Universal Soul.

Naímur, as he had once been known, danced on the outskirts of the spiral’s hub. He knew that soon he would be reborn in the web once more, but for now he basked in the golden light of Mahiámbah and Mahitáytah, and their First Children, the Devah. Their forms towered over him, but he felt no fear. With new clarity of vision, he gazed at a small portion of the web. The interlocking strands drew him in, reminding him of what he had once been, and he felt infinite compassion for his fellow travelers, who had not yet reached the ends of their own journeys…

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ONIT - Prologue

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